A New Bill Could Require Cameras In Operating Rooms

February 18, 2021 by Yale Spector

A New Bill Could Require Cameras In Operating Rooms

cameras in operating room

An estimated 400,000 people die each year in the United States from preventable medical errors. Often the families of the victims never know the full story of what happened to their loved ones because of the lack of documentation during their surgeries. Families of victims of malpractice firmly believe they could have known more if the surgeries of their loved ones would have been captured on video. They are part of the growing movement that is seeking to require hospitals and surgical suites to have video and audio recording capabilities.

In Wisconsin proposed legislation has been introduced and would call for cameras to be installed in every operating room across the state. The proposed bill is called the “Julie Ayer Rubenzer Law” in memory of a Wisconsin woman who died after she was given excessive amounts of propofol during breast enhancement surgery.

Wade Ayer, Rubenzer’s brother, founded the National Organization for Medical Malpractice Victims and helped draft the Wisconsin bill. Ayer believes that video and audio recordings can capture the reasons behind what the medical industry refers to as “adverse events” and incompetent behavior. Furthermore, recording surgeries “offers transparency, truth, and accuracy,” Ayers proclaims.

The medical community is concerned about the effects that video recordings could have on malpractice lawsuits as well as the cost of installing and maintaining complex recording systems. In fact, Ayer has faced a lot of opposition from the medical community in Wisconsin regarding the proposed legislation. Backing Ayer is State Representative, Christine Sinicki, who is pursuing the Julie Ayer Rubenzer Law after hearing stories from families affected by malpractice. Many people feel that the best way to prevent malpractice from occurring is to record everything that happens in the operating room. However, opposing attorney Bruce Cranner argues that there are many privacy issues associated with installing cameras in operating rooms.

Despite opposition, Ayer continues efforts in Wisconsin and is currently trying to persuade members of Congress to establish a federal law regarding surgical cameras.

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