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Have you ever had an x-ray, MRI, blood work or other medical testing done? When you experience health problems, you rely on your doctor to properly diagnose and convey test results that will assist in helping to solve your health condition. Unfortunately, there are a large number of medical malpractice or misdiagnosis lawsuits where medical professionals have misread a test result or misdiagnosed a patient.

The definition of a misdiagnosis is when someone has been incorrectly diagnosed of an illness, or other problem. There are many risks involved for a patient who is misdiagnosed or given wrong information regarding a specific test result. One risk is receiving and paying for unnecessary treatments. While this is one of the mildest risks, it can put an unnecessary dent in your finances. The ultimate risk of a misdiagnosis is death. Luckily, there are things you as the patient can do to reduce your chances of being misdiagnosed and avoid a medical malpractice lawsuit. Below are some helpful tips.

  •      Ask for or seek out a second opinion
  •      Ask about specialists for your specified problem
  •      Ask about the data systems used for your testing
  •      Be as specific and thorough as possible when discussing your condition with your doctor

If you are someone who has been misdiagnosed, you may be here to inquire about misdiagnosis lawyers or lawsuits. Spector Law would be happy to help you out. Something you should know is that misdiagnosis lawsuits are time sensitive. If you are suffering from a misdiagnosis, it is better to take action immediately rather than later. Misdiagnoses are more common than some may think, and some of the most common include ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, Lyme disease and more.

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