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Leading Causes of Car Accidents

| Feb 18, 2021 | Car Accidents |

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Car accidents are a leading cause of injury, and they can result in thousands of dollars in property damage and thousands more in hospital bills. Accidents are often caused by a combination of different factors, but the most prevalent causes include:

Drunk Driving

Being drunk impairs your judgement, slows down your reflexes, and blurs your vision, which is a deadly combination while driving. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control notes that in 2014, over 30% of motor vehicle deaths in the United States were due to alcohol-related crashes.

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones have become a staple in everyday life, but they should be avoided while driving. According to an Insurance Institute of Highway Safety(IIHS) study, drivers increase their risk of a crash by 17% when they use a cell phone. The most dangerous moments are when drivers they reach for the phone, answer a call, write a text message, or dial a number.

Distracted Driving

Cell phones are not the only distractions on the road. Other forms of distracted driving include reading, grooming, talking to passengers, eating, or adjusting the radio. It is important to focus on the road because even a second of distraction can lead to a dangerous wreck.


Driving at high speeds is extremely dangerous because it makes it more difficult for your vehicle to come to a complete stop. High speeds also make it more difficult to accurately steer the vehicle and avoid any obstacles. Because of this, accidents that occur due to speeding have a greater chance of being deadly. In fact, an IIHS notes that 29% of crash fatalities are due to speeding.

Failure to Stay in Lane

According to the Auto Insurance Center, the behavior that leads to the greatest amount of fatal crashes in most states, including the state of Maryland, is failure to keep in the proper lane. Because of this, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle stays in your lane. It is also important to keep a look out for nearby vehicles who may be veering off into your lane.