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Road Awareness: Potential Hazards To Avoid This Fall

| Feb 18, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Sidewalks and roads may look pretty covered in the yellow, red and orange leaves of autumn, but unfortunately, these leaves pose a safety hazard to pedestrians, drivers and motorcyclists. To help keep you and your loved ones safe this fall, the personal injury lawyers at Spector Injury & Accident Lawyers have highlighted leaf issues that you will most likely deal with throughout this season.

Leaves Create a Variety of Concerns on Sidewalks

Whether you are on a sidewalk that is even or uneven, when they are covered in leaves, the chances of slipping or tripping greatly increases for those who are walking or jogging on it. Not only do leaves become extremely slippery when they get wet, but they also cover hazardous areas of a sidewalk—such as tree roots, holes or unlevel areas—causing them to be even more hazardous. To avoid experiencing an injury from slipping on a sidewalk this fall, be sure to be extra cautious in areas with an excess of leaves.

Roadways and Leaves Cause an Unsafe Situation

Just as leaves on a sidewalk create a slippery surface, they do they same for the roads we drive and ride on. But unlike when a road is covered in snow—which typically makes people slow down and be more cautious—many people do not think twice about being on a roadway covered in leaves. However, leaves on a road pose several potential hazards for drivers of automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. For instance, tires have significantly less traction on the road when it is covered in leaves, particularly wet leaves—this can make it harder for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles to stop short. Because of this, many auto accidents and truck accidents occur from slipping through a stop and into another vehicle, tree, guardrail or other element. Additionally, leaves—both wet and dry—can fill drainage systems and clog them, increasing the odds of flooding.

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