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2 reasons car insurance could leave you with unpaid bills

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Car Accidents |

You have to have car insurance as a Maryland driver. If you get into a crash, motor vehicle insurance will help protect you. You won’t have to worry as much about liability if you are to blame for a crash, and you know you can file a claim against the other driver’s policy if they are the one to blame.

Unfortunately, some people negatively affected by motor vehicle collisions only realize that they don’t have adequate insurance protection available after the crash. What are the two most common reasons that someone not at fault for a crash becomes responsible for their own costs?

They get hit by an uninsured driver

Although Maryland law requires that every driver carry at least $15,000 worth of property damage liability coverage and $30,000 for injuries if they hurt one person who will go up to $60,000 for a crash with multiple people injured, not everyone follows the law.

At any given moment, there are thousands of drivers on Maryland roads who don’t have the insurance required by state law. If the person who runs a red light or sideswipes your vehicle has a lapsed or canceled policy, you won’t be able to claim for any of your losses.

They get hurt in a hit-and-run crash

Just like state law requires vehicle insurance, it also requires that drivers stop if they cause a collision. Everyone involved in a wreck should remain at the scene of the crash unless there is a medical emergency.

Drivers who don’t have insurance, have suspended licenses or know they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol might speed off from the scene of a crash so that police don’t catch them and hold them accountable. The protections available to you after a hit and run or a crash with an uninsured driver will depend on whether you can identify the other party.

If you know who caused the crash, you may be able to take them to civil court to seek compensation for all of your costs or file an insurance claim after all. If you cannot identify the other party, then the only form of financial protection available to you may be your own insurance policy. Uninsured motorist protection and collision coverage can compensate you for crash expenses after a hit-and-run crash or a collision with a driver who admits they don’t have coverage.

Taking the proper steps when renewing your insurance or immediately after a crash can help you get appropriate compensation even if the other driver’s insurance is inadequate.