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Property damage from a crash may require a personal injury suit

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Every driver in Maryland has to carry liability insurance, and many crashes only require insurance claims. When someone suffers significant financial losses that insurance doesn’t fully pay, the person not at fault for the crash may take the other driver to court in a personal injury lawsuit.

Although lost wages and medical bills are often the main concern in a personal injury claim, it is also possible to bring a lawsuit related primarily to property damage losses and not injuries. Why is the lawsuit sometimes necessary after a car crash that only caused property damage in Maryland?

When there is bad insurance coverage

It is quite common for drivers in Maryland to only pay for the insurance that state law requires. That might mean that the person who destroys your vehicle only has $15,000 worth of property damage coverage. Especially if your vehicle is a newer model, an import or possibly a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, the cost to repair or replace it could be well over that $15,000 of coverage.

Even if the repair costs are under the threshold established by the policy limit, a driver may still need to pursue a lawsuit if there is no insurance coverage left to pay for the diminished resale value of their vehicle. A car repaired after a crash will be worth less as a trade-in at a dealership later and will command a lower price on the secondary vehicle market.

Recognizing when it may make sense to pursue a personal injury lawsuit over vehicle damage from a Maryland car wreck can help you hold someone accountable for the damages they caused.