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Which roads are the most dangerous in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Car Accidents |

Statistically, an individual driver is most likely to end up hurt as a result of an accident that occurs close to home. Each driver travels these roads most frequently and is likely to get distracted while in familiar territory. However, when looking at the state of Maryland as a whole, there are some areas where drivers have a substantially higher risk of a major car crash than others, even when these areas aren’t close to where travelers reside.

Certain intersections and highways play host to far more collisions and traffic deaths than others. Factors including the speed of traffic, the design of the road itself, hazards that may be nearby and the overall density of traffic influence how likely a crash is going to be at a particular location. Drivers who know the most dangerous locations in the state can choose a path for their next trip more carefully.

Which roads experience the most severe collisions?

According to crash data collected during the summer months between 2015 and 2017, Interstate 95 is the most dangerous highway in the state, with a total of 32 deaths. There was a tie for second place on the list of most dangerous roads in Maryland. Two interstates saw the same number of traffic fatalities. Both US 1 and US 301 had 24 traffic fatalities.

However, there are many ways of establishing the most dangerous roads. One national analysis of crash rates put Interstate 97 among the 30 most dangerous roads in the country. Some roads, like Route 50 and I-97, see a high number of deadly wrong-way crashes. Although motorists don’t need to avoid these roads entirely, recognizing the elevated risk of a crash on specific roads could lead to better overall driving habits and choices.

Crash victims have rights

Those who avoid high-risk areas and who prioritize traffic safety can reduce their risk of a collision but never eliminate it. Other drivers are a risk factor outside of a driver’s control, but those who make bad choices can still face penalties for their poor decisions.

Regardless of why a crash has occurred or where it happens, anyone who is injured as a result of the impact typically has options. These options may include filing an insurance claim or even pursuing a civil lawsuit. Requesting financial compensation can help injury victims to replace their vehicles, pay their hospital bills and cover their household expenses if injuries force them to take time off from work following a serious car crash.