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A bad drug can be any medication that is provided over-the-counter or prescribed that causes a person injuries, complications or can also result in death.

Drug manufacturers have a legal responsibility to make drugs safe for the marketplace. If dangerous side effects of a drug are known, they have a duty to warn consumers. The manufacturers are asked to provide warning labels to physicians and pharmacies that administer their product. It is not uncommon for some manufacture companies to try to rush their drug on the market for monetary purposes or for faster approval, even though they know that their drug can cause very harmful side effects.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA for short is responsible for regulating the safety of medication, medical devices, food safety, veterinary products, vaccines, cosmetics and any other product that may affect public health.

Although the FDA approves a drug it does not necessary mean that it is not dangerous. The FDA determines if a drug is safe, meaning the benefits of the drug outweigh the risk. The standard for approval of a medication is different than the standard under the law that determines whether a drug is defective.

If a drug manufacturer fails to warn patients or a medical professional about the hazards of their drug and as a result causes injury to a patient then the patient may be able to recover compensation for damages. A settlement can help pay for loss that occurred after the accident such as medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. If you or a loved one have been injured because of a bad drug, seek legal advice and contact a bad drug attorney. These manufactures companies are known to have legal teams that work hard to fight any claims that their product is faulty. A knowledgeable Baltimore bad drug lawyer will fight back to get you the compensation you deserve. An attorney can also help surviving family members receive compensation if a bad drug killed their loved one.