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Injured By A Dog Bite Or Animal Attack?

Although people tend to think of dog bites as being an unfortunate rare occurrence, research shows there are roughly 800,000 dog bites each year that require medical attention and can happen at any time, to anyone. The aftermath can be not only difficult to handle mentally; the physical impact can leave lasting marks, sometimes altering the lives of victims forever. If you or a loved one is faced with a critical dog bite, no matter the magnitude, know that you do not have to go through this situation alone.

At Spector Law Group, our Baltimore personal injury attorney is fully equipped to help dog bite victims. You can rely on him for aggressive, yet compassionate personal injury representation.

Why Do Dog Bites Happen?

Dogs are known to be generally friendly but can switch their behavior to aggressive very fast. Statistics from dog bite cases have revealed over 50% of the bites occur on the dog owner’s property, reflecting on the fact that most injuries could have been prevented if actions in the situation were handled differently.

With the assistance of our Maryland dog bite injury attorney, our team can help by focusing on the dog’s owner’s level of involvement during this incident, and how you can be compensated fairly for the dog’s attack. By following the guidelines of dog bite laws and state personal injury laws, we work with you and your case to reach a plausible consensus on the situation. You will receive ample support from us each time to assist you in moving forward from the catastrophic event.

The discussion of who is at fault is taken to court, where our lawyer will fight for your case wholeheartedly and with great determination to get you the justice you deserve. Together, the decisions moving forward concerning your outcome from the case as well as the compensation you desire are discussed with the utmost care. We take you into great consideration and vow to stand by your side during times of hardship, promoting fairness with each case we take on.

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