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Wrongful Death Lawyer

When someone dies because of the negligence of another person then the surviving family members of the victim may sue for wrongful death. Wrongful death claims can come from medical malpractice accidents, criminal acts, hazardous conditions and car or plane accidents. Every state varies and has a civil wrongful death statute that establishes the procedures for bringing wrongful death claims to action. If you believe your loved one was a victim of a wrongful death, reach out to our Baltimore wrongful death lawyer to find out the particular laws in your state.

Factors of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

  • The carelessness or intention to cause harm on a person
  • Resulted in the death of the person
  • Surviving family members have suffered monetary injuries as a result of the deceased

In a medical malpractice case both hospitals and doctors can be held liable in a wrongful death lawsuit. The liability depends on the specific negligent act that occurred. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics show that 75,000 patients die annually in hospitals alone. Reports also show that prescription drug deaths shot up 68% in a five year period. Prescription drug deaths were the second leading cause of unintentional deaths in the United States.

Eligibility for Wrongful Death

  • Immediate family members
  • Punitive spouses/financial dependents/ life partners
  • Distant family members (some states)
  • All persons who suffer financially from the wrongful death ( some states)
  • Parents of a deceased fetus ( some states)

Find Peace With a Wrongful Death Attorney

After a victory in a wrongful death lawsuit, damages will be awarded. The damage allowance also varies per state, but typically survivors of the decease may be able to collect damages for medical bills and funeral expenses.

Any family members who can prove that the deceased supported them financially before their death are also entitled to collect damages for loss of support. They can collect damages for the period of time into the future that the decreased would have supported them. Spouses are also permitted to collect damages for loss of consortium and support. In some states the children of the decease may collect damages for loss of guidance and nurture.

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